FURFANTIN Round Leaf Igt

    Furfantìn is an elegant wine, with an exceptionally pleasant drinkability. It amazes with its bright ruby red colour, the rich aroma of small red fruits and raspberry, the freshness and softness on the palate.  

    Typology: Red


    NameIGT Toscana

    Certification: organic wine

    Grapes: Round leaf

    Alcol: 13%

    Format: 0.75l

    Service temperature: Recommended around 18°C, even cooler in summer

    Time to taste itDinner with friends

    Pairings: First courses of land, second courses of land; test its softness even with spicy or ethnic foods

    Vintages Produced: 2019 - 2020

    Closure: Select Green - Zero carbon footprint impact - 100% recyclable 

    It comes to life from Foglia Tonda grapes, an ancient Tuscan vine so called for the typical rounded shape of its leaves. So difficult to cultivate that only thanks to the rediscovery of its great oenological potential does it make its comeback today in glasses.

    Vineyard Agronomic Management

    All farm crops are conducted with the organic method and the use, if necessary, of preparations and techniques belonging to biodynamic practice. From pruning to harvesting and sorting, all cultivation operations are carried out manually. Given the propensity of this vine to load itself excessively with bunches, the careful work of green harvesting in which the excess bunches are removed before they begin to accumulate sugars is fundamental. In this way we have only a few bunches per plant which, however, will be able to reach an optimal degree of ripeness at the time of the harvest.

    Vinification and Aging

    In this wine the ancient Tuscan Foglia Tonda vine - almost disappeared and recently rediscovered - is vinified alone. The manual harvest of well-ripe bunches takes place in the last ten days of September. The must ferments in vats uncovered by indigenous yeasts followed by a short post-fermentation maceration on the skins to extract only the sweetest tannins. The wine ages for a few months in steel before being bottled.


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