I produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil from about 1500 plants of Leccino, Moraiolo and Frantoio which I cultivate in various olive groves on the nearby hills of Arezzo. Innovation, organization and dedication are some of the principles that I undertake to apply also in olive growing to obtain, from healthy fruits, an oil in step with the times: a real extra virgin, in terms of taste and authenticity. 

Cultivated according to the organic method, the olives are always harvested manually when they are not too ripe to obtain a fresher product with that spicy and almondy note that is inevitable in authentically Tuscan extra virgin olive oil. The harvest gets underway as early as mid-October and often ends as early as mid-November. The processing takes place on the same day of the harvest in a continuous mill that operates at low temperatures to preserve the fragrance of the fruit and avoid the risk of oxidation. 

The oil is stored by limiting contact with oxygen and light, to safeguard the polyphenols and keep the acidity level to a minimum. Before being packaged, it is briefly decanted to favor an initial natural clarification. Subsequently it is delicately filtered through cotton fabrics to make its organoleptic integrity and the fragrance that characterizes it longer lasting. 


Oil Type: 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cultivars: Leccino, Moraiolo e Frantoio

Area of origin: Municipalities of Arezzo and Civitella in Val Di Chiana

Olive grove orography: hill

Harvest period: October/November

Harvesting technique: hand burning

Extraction system: continuous cycle cold extraction (within 12 hours of collection) separation by centrifuge, natural decantation and decanting

Filtering: using natural sheets

Can formats: 0,5lt – 3lt

Tasting: it has an intense green color with golden reflections and a medium fruity aroma. Balanced and rightly spicy, it has a typical flavor reminiscent of fresh field grass and an aftertaste of artichoke and thistle.

Excellent enhancer of the flavors of foods seasoned raw or in soups, for cooking or after cooking to give a touch of freshness.