We have planted and manage only what we can manage with our  hands: in all 3 hectares of vineyards and 6 hectares of olive groves. It is a very small reality but which allows it to be managed like a shop.

The company is run under certified organic farming: I only use plant protection products of natural origin such as copper and sulphur. I spend most of my time among my plants, which is why I think the conversion to organic farming was an important first step in protecting everyone's health, starting with mine. I am interested in biodynamic practices and every year I experiment with some applications. 

The experimental attitude is my constant challenge. Although the surfaces are so small, I grow 7 different grape varieties: Sangiovese, Foglia Tonda, Canaiolo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot for the reds, Fiano and Grechetto for the whites. Among them, Foglia Tonda is an ancient Tuscan vine today among the protagonists of its new viticultural resurgence; Fiano is a more personal bet, an absolute novelty in these latitudes.

My activity in the vineyard is simple: good winter organic fertilization, pruning respecting the continuity of the lymphatic flows, selection of the shoots and obsessive balancing of the leaf wall to avoid stagnation of humidity but also to prevent burns on the bunches

The Cellar is on a human scale. We have always made wine on the farm, in that part of the house taken from the family by my father to make a micro-cellar. Many changes have been made over the years but I still enjoy it today genius loci  imprinted by him in this artisan workshop.

Every harvest I bring to the cellar only the best of the grapes. With this selected raw material, I carry out multiple but simple operations in the cellar: classic red and white vinifications, at and without controlled temperatures; I experiment with different extraction techniques from the skins, such as carbonic maceration for reds and prolonged contact for some whites. I enjoy finding the right technique to best express each vintage and starting with the use of indigenous yeasts, I try to minimize additives of industrial origin.

My wines ask me to be good but also to keep a door open to their ability to surprise. They have the patience to leave me the time to learn how best to tell about this piece of land that I am the one to look after today. And they are welcoming in keeping a trace of my work and that of those who preceded me, of the daily choices and of the incessant search for uniqueness.

The terroir  we are too!!